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Contact details

Post adresse: 127018 Russian Federation, Moscow, user box 150, ООО «Gold Mustang»
Office adresse: 125284, Russian Federation, Moscow, Begovaya st., 4-2

Unified multi-channel lines

Phone/Fax: +7 (495) 945 24 78, +7 (495) 945 22 12
Phone.: +7 (495) 945 60 50

How to find us

Our office is situated at the historical place. On one hand it is a historical area of Moscow where lots of important events happened during lond Russian history. On the other hand our office is situated close to Central Moscow racecourse - one of the biggest and oldest racecourses in Europe. The first race was held here on 1st August 1834 and it works till nowadays.


If you travel with public transport sistem: You should reach Begovaya station by Rapid underground transport sistem of Moscow. If you travel from the city-centre, take the last train wagon and on the station Begovaya turn left and go upstairs. After passing the glass doors turn right, go forwand and take the first turn left. Go upstairs and quit the underground. Keep going forward, go under the bridge, cross the road. There you'll see a sign "Чип и Дип" - this is Begovaya 2. You need to reach the building which is situated on the left. Go along the building and you will see the entranse to our office from the yard side. We will meet you here!




If you have any quastions please don't hasitate to contactl us:


Common questions - e-mail: info@goldmustang.ru


On partnership, cooperation and commercial proposals:

Dmitriy Ershov -general manager, e-mail: info@goldmustang.ru


For advertising and promotion:

Irina Rezaeva - Director of Advertising and Development, e-mail: adv@goldmustang.ru


For ordering products and distribution channels, e-mail: info@goldmustang.ru


On design and layout,  e-mail: info@goldmustang.ru 


Igor Agafonov - magazine editor, e-mail: redactor@goldmustang.ru